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Thomas Greer


Thomas is an investment professional with a breadth and depth of experience, a formal real estate education, and a proven track record in institutional real estate investment. He has helped many real estate investors and property owners realize their investment goals.

Thomas has worked with funds of various risk/return profiles (from core funds in the US to opportunistic funds doing land deals in China) and is skilled in modelling returns at the asset and portfolio level while assessing risk. He has underwrote virtually all property types and brought professional investment proposals to numerous investment committees.

He has almost two decades in the real estate industry – primarily with institutional investments and in senior analytical & VP roles in large US and international private equity real estate funds.

Having worked in US and Singapore; his resume includes positions with Private Equity Real Estate Funds, GP’s, LP’s and Corporate Real Estate. In addition, he has acquired a small portfolio of single-family rental properties, throughout Colorado.

Thomas’s goal is to provide analytical solutions to real estate problems through his consulting services and software applications.

Why Pink Lion?

20-years experience

Helped over 100 clients

Advised industry leaders

Projects in over 8 countries

Real Estate Analytical Software

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How We Got Here

1. PERE Funds

Decades of analytical experience in Private Equity Real Estate Funds investing in US & international assets.

2. Independent Advisor & Freelancer

A track record of client successes, working with stakeholders big and small.

3. Money Weighted Software

Launched an innovative software platform for real estate professionals.

4. Pink Lion LLC

A mission to share this gathered knowledge with clients and to help people make better real estate decisions.