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Thomas Greer


Thomas Greer is a seasoned real estate investment professional offering fractional CFO and fractional analyst services for commercial real estate.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Thomas has developed a solid foundation in senior-level analytical work and strategic planning. His career has taken him across the globe, working with private equity funds in both the United States and Asia. Thomas has extensively underwritten various property types, ranging from opportunistic land deals in China to core-plus investments utilizing union pension monies in the US.

Thomas’s expertise covers a wide range of real estate sectors and his strength lies in the ability to navigate the diverse aspects of the real estate landscape. Whether discussing hospitality metrics or the intricacies of “pre-loading dirt” for tilt-up industrial construction, he can provide valuable insights and expert guidance. Thomas is equally comfortable building complex discounted cash flow (DCF) and portfolio models from the ground up or improving existing models through comprehensive audits.

Thomas’s professional journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a dedication to delivering institutional-quality solutions. As the founder of Pink Lion LLC, a boutique real estate consulting firm, he has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, including high-net-worth individuals, developers, equity shops, and corporations. Pink Lion LLC has provided investment analysis, underwriting, and ad hoc analysis for both commercial and non-commercial assets. Notable achievements include creating the modeling framework for a $32 million hospitality deal in the Northeast USA and developing the internal processes, tracking, and models for the deployment of $30 million of capital in the acquisition of residential and multifamily properties.

In addition to consulting work, Thomas is also the proptech founder of Money Weighted Software, a web-based analytical platform designed to meet the needs of commercial real estate professionals. This software offered efficient yet sophisticated financial modeling capabilities, providing professionals like yourself with a reliable tool to analyze real estate investments. Money Weighted was successfully exited in a private sale in 2024.

Thomas holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning with a specialization in Real Estate from the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Seattle University. Thomas is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Charterholder and Member.

Driven by his passion for real estate, Thomas aspires to provide analytical solutions to complex real estate challenges through his consulting services and innovative software applications.


Why Pink Lion?

20-years experience

Helped over 100 clients

Advised industry leaders

Projects in over 8 countries

Real Estate Analytical Software

Exited 2024

How We Got Here

1. PERE Funds

Decades of analytical experience in Private Equity Real Estate Funds investing in US & international assets.

2. Independent Advisor & Freelancer

A track record of client successes, working with stakeholders big and small.

3. Money Weighted Software

Launched an innovative software platform for real estate professionals. Exited in private sale - 2024.

4. Pink Lion LLC

A mission to share this gathered knowledge with clients and to help people make better real estate decisions.