Ad Hoc Strategy or Support

Improve Your Process

Add institutional-quality analysis and expertise to your project.

Leverage the years of experience at Pink Lion LLC.

From land deals in China to corporate real estate in Seattle, to buying your first “Quad” – we can give you professional advice in keeping with best practices and industry standards. Keep your team nimble.

Before you hire and “on-board” a new analyst – see how we can help.

How We Help

Temporary Positions

You get a real estate professional to step in and assist with the heavy lifting. Knowledgeable and professional they hit the ground running.

Project Discussions

From all day marathons to a quick hour-long validation. You get a sounding board and real estate expert to at your disposal.

Strategy Meetings

As in depth as is needed. Let us take a high level approach to discuss long term real estate strategy and purpose.


1. Discussion

Schedule a no obligation discussion to assess your problems, tasks, and requirements.

2. Proposal

We will propose our solution with your feedback and input. Iterate and define the deliverable.

3. Solution

You will be provided solutions and a final series of calls to walk you through any deliverables and ensure your satisfaction.