An established mixed-use and multifamily development company on the east coast of the US with a track record of urban infill successes.


Principals of the firm needed analytical and modeling support to assess financing and capital stack options for a potential 30M + hospitality development with PACE financing.


The deal required a rather complicated structure with multiple LP’s; 1st, 2nd and 3rd position debt and planned performance benchmarks for distributions. There was an existing model being utilized but it lacked the waterfall / distribution component required for the deal. Several iterations were required with quick turnarounds to prepare the team as various solutions and deal structures were being proposed and negotiated.


Pink Lion LLC stepped into the existing model, audited it for accuracy and quickly created the necessary components to allow for more complicated capital stack and waterfall scenarios. An on-going relationship was established, and Pink Lion LLC was used for the creation of and revision of additional underwriting models.


A high-caliber analyst stepped into their deal and quickly understood the ask. Turnaround times were quick and far before deadlines. Existing, employed analyst can use this work to run additional deals / scenarios as necessary. This was quicker than training the existing team and far less expensive than hiring a senior analyst or investment manager.