A successful entrepreneur based, on the west coast, starting a small investment group to acquire multifamily residential real estate in second- and third-tier Midwest cities.


The client needed a capable and experienced analyst on board to screen potential investments, underwrite selected deals and lend insight into the process of acquiring commercial real estate.


A full-time analyst was not warranted at this stage and an “on-demand” solution was necessary. A trusted resource and professional was required to solve ad-hoc problems. Client needed the “right” answer to common problems as they arise.


Pink Lion LLC provided on-going, ad-hoc support in the form of (1) market opinions and analysis (2) deal screening, (3) deal underwriting and opinions on offers (4) memorandums on process, protocol and how to build his “team”.


An experienced “hired gun” with over 15 years of commercial real estate knowledge is on call and on-demand to assist and lend support as necessary. Expert-level support is always a phone-call or email away.